Danganronpa - Worlds Become One is the first season of Luke's Danganronpa series.

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  • Hope's Peak Academy High School


Person Trait Status
Elvis Presley
Ultimate Rocker Graduated
L Lawliet
Ultimate Detective Graduated
Miles "Tails" Prower
Ultimate Mechanic Graduated
Roger Waters
Ultimate Bassist Graduated
Squidward Tentacles
Ultimate Clarinetist Graduated
Stanford "Stan" Pines
Ultimate Conman Graduated
William Hartnell
Ultimate Doctor Graduated
Shinya Kogami
Ultimate Enforcer Commit Suicide
Ultimate Elephant Executed
Winnie the Pooh
Ultimate Bear Murdered
Sue Ellen Armstrong
Ultimate Martial Artist Murdered
Abraham Lincoln
Ultimate President Executed
Peeta Mellark
Ultimate Baker Murdered
Thomas Jefferson
Ultimate Founder Executed
Ultimate Lucky Student Murdered

The Monokuma FileEdit


  • Time of Murder: 8 PM
  • Strangled with bloody shirt
  • Multiple stab wounds, some glass shards from a beer bottle sticking out of body
  • In the trash room


  • Time of Murder: 1 PM
  • Four stab wounds in the chest
  • Nose broken
  • In the boy's bathroom

Sue Ellen:

  • Neck broken
  • No blood or exterior marks
  • In the art room


  • Shirt torn off
  • Fluff spilled from torn stitch
  • In the physics lab


  • Time of Murder: 5 PM
  • Head in filled up sink, no exterior injuries
  • In the boy's bathroom


  • Time of Murder: 1 PM
  • Body charred beyond recognition
  • In greenhouse



  • Truth Bullets: Bloody shirt, Broken bottle, Incinerator on, Trophy missing from case, Used razor blade, Spilled candy, Burnt glove, Stan's account, Squidward's account, Grover's body condition, Busted doorknob
  • Bullet Time Battle: Squidward vs. Thomas
    • Turnout: Squidward won
  • Case: Grover was eating candy in his room until the killer broke through the door by busting the knob and attacked with their bare hands, spilling the candy on the floor. Grover attempted to use the trophy he had taken from the case for self-defense, but it was knocked from his hands. The killer beat Grover badly and finished the job by strangling him with Stan's spare shirt, which he had left in the laundry room to dry. The killer wore bulky gloves to avoid giving away hand marks on Grover's beaten body, but made sure to throw the investigation off by stabbing the corpse multiple times with a broken beer bottle. Squidward was on trash duty, but forgot the key to the trash room in the dining hall, allowing the killer to snag it. The killer carried the body to the trash room and disposed of the gloves and their bloody shirt in the incinerator, but one glove fell out before burning completely. Getting blood on their hairy chest after removing their shirt, the killer used a razor from Grover's bathroom to shave the bloody hair off, completely clearing themselves of evidence against them. However, only a human male would grow hair on their chest. Meaning the male without hair on their chest would prove to be guilty.
  • The Blackened: Thomas Jefferson
    • Turnout: Correct


  • Truth Bullets: Broken nose, Stab wounds, Broken headphones, Shattered bowl, Wrench, Peeta's open toolkit, Tails' account, Stan's account, Gorilla costume, Mysterious letter, Blood trail
  • Bullet Time Battle: Roger vs. Sue Ellen
    • Turnout: Roger won
  • Case: Stan and Tails were listening to the mysterious tapes they found in the library in the AV room, eating chips from a glass bowl. After getting bored, Stan left the room to go back to his dorm. Peeta planned to commit a murder, so he wrote a letter to the eventual killer asking to meet him in the AV room. Peeta wore a gorilla costume to avoid staining his own clothes with blood, and took a wrench from his own toolkit. Tails was still in the AV room, but Peeta knocked him out with the wrench and smashed his headphones, rendering Tails to forget much of what happened. Before Peeta could finish Tails off, the killer arrived and instantly threw the glass bowl at Peeta to stop him. Peeta retaliated and fought back, but the killer punched him and broke his nose. Using the knife they had taken for self-defense, the killer stabbed Peeta four times and killed him. They then proceeded to drag his body down the hall to the bathroom, where they flushed their dirty clothes down the toilet. They attempted to dispose of the gorilla costume, but it would not flush. After realizing that the letter was sent to the library rather than a dorm, it only made sense that someone who spent a lot of their time in the library would be the one the invitation to come to the AV room was for.
  • The Blackened: Abraham Lincoln
    • Turnout: Correct

Sue Ellen & Pooh

  • Truth Bullets: Giant footprints, Spilled paint buckets, Stan's account, Letter to mother, Piece of red hair, Fluff tracks, Empty bottle
  • Bullet Time Battle: Dumbo vs. Squidward
    • Turnout: Squidward won
  • Case: Stan overheard Sue Ellen talking to Pooh before going to the art room, where the killer attacked her. A struggle ensued, causing a few paint buckets to spill. The killer left tracks as they snapped Sue Ellen's neck and killed her, but a piece of her hair stuck to them. Pooh arrived and saw the body, causing the killer to attack him with an empty bottle from the art room, which turned out to be a sculpture of rock. The killer carried Pooh's body to the physics lab, dropping fluff through the hall along the way. The killer attempted to hide the bottle and strand of hair in a trash can, and wrote a letter to their beloved mother apologizing for what they had done. The large footprints in the paint and the undying childlike love for their mother made the killer's identity obvious.
  • The Blackened: Dumbo
    • Turnout: Correct


  • Truth Bullets: L's account, Tails' account, Drum set, Open door, Unloaded gun, HPA booklet, Shinya's body, Clean sword
  • Bullet Time Battle: Roger vs. Squidward
    • Turnout: Squidward won
  • Case: With everyone else, Shinya read the booklet that told a lot about the history of Hope's Peak Academy. The truth was too much to bear. Tails asked Shinya to help him investigate a misplaced drum set, but Shinya silently declined and promptly left. Shinya attempted to kill himself by using a gun he found, but discovered it to be empty, so he left it in his room. Later, L spotted Shinya taking a sword from the trophy case area and leaving quietly. Shinya left the bathroom door open for all to see, but refused to kill himself with the sword. Filling up the sink, the killer put his head under the water and Shinya was drowned.
  • The Blackened: Shinya Kogami
    • Turnout: Correct


  • Due to a shortage on time, no Truth Bullets were discovered and the trial was cut short before any proper discussion could be had. The students were forced to vote based on minimal information.
  • The Blackened: Squidward Tentacles
    • Turnout: Correct
      • Squidward was sentenced to execution, but saved thanks to some adjustments Tails made to the device. With no one executed, the final seven challenged MonoLuke to a final trial to figure out all the secrets of the school.

Final Trial:

  • Truth Bullets: Graduation gifts, HPA handbook, MonoLuke's account, Stuffed MonoLukes, Secret room, Book on HPA's founding, Profile on Junko Enoshima
  • Bullet Time Battle: Everyone vs. MonoLuke
    • Turnout: Everyone
  • Case Turnout: Correct